Best Cannabis Resources: News & more!

Best Cannabis Resources: News & more!

Navigating the new world of medical and recreational marijuana can be daunting. Every state is completely different and everyone is operating in a federal grey area. It is important to stay informed, especially if you want to or currently work in the industry. But where can you find trustworthy information? Here are a few of my favorite sources! This blog will be updated with additions as new resources surface. Feel free to comment below your favorite resources!


If you’ve met me, there’s a 50% chance I’ve told you to check out WeedWeek and sign up for the newsletter. I saw Alex Halperin speak at an event and from that point on I have remained a loyal subscriber. Their newsletter features an incredible amount of actual information, links,


Leafly has an enormous amount of content to help consumers understand their products. Whether it’s live product or smoking accessories, Leafly has the jump on it. I particularly like their newsletter and layout for researching strains. Keep your eye on Leafly as they build out of LeaflyTV featuring the likes of favorite influencers such as Sasha from Silenced Hippie!


This caters to more of the business side of the cannabis industry. They also are in charge of the infamous MJBizCon, feature an industry directory, a magazine, MJBizTV and more helpful items for you to stay in-the-know. This year was the largest MJBizCon by a milestone by both vendors and attendees. As they add new features and segments, this will be an extremely strong informational source for business-savvy individuals.


This staple has been in the business long enough to see multiple stages of medical and recreational legalization. Their first official publication was in 1974 and has been paving the way for consumers and industry members alike. High Times is first and foremost a magazine, but has also evolved with the generational changes. One notable name that has helped during the brand’s evolution has been Danny Danko. He has a very grounded and knowledgable perspective, especially on the subject of cultivation. Not only does High Times have a long list of talent, they have grown an extremely active social media presence, they produce live streams, host massive events and recently launched High Times TV. If you’re poking around the site, you’ll be able to check out a number of informative collections but they particularly have the jump on latest news, grow information and new products to try. One last item that is unique to the High Times name is their latest endeavor. High Times’ investment venture creates a more accessible investment opportunity for those looking to expand their portfolios in the cannabis world. You can find their SEC filings and Reg A+ Offering Circular here.


If you are looking for more localized cannabis news, LA Cannabis News is your one-stop-shop! The online publication brings readers relevant news items, information on brands, events and more. You can also find potential job opportunities and general coverage on the culture. My favorite part about this website is that they are building out their own resource list! I cannot wait until this is fully developed because the more knowledge shared within the community, the better!


Navigating CBD is a monster. It seems like there is a new brand popping up daily - especially due to the prevalence of white labeling. Great CBD Reviews releases tons of informative posts on various brands that allow consumers to make more informed decisions. Their site is currently undergoing some maintenance but their Instagram feed serves as an excellent supplementary source, and subsequently a community gathering.

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