What is Send Us Flowers Podcast? 

Never sesh alone! Find like-minded community while keeping a pulse on what’s happening on the weed podcast that's guaranteed to make you giggle.

Fall down the rabbit hole to explore the wonderful world of weed. Help me send flowers to the people who make it all possible while asking the questions you're wondering about along the way.

Conversations with influencers and thought leaders, decoding industry insights to the best products and more. Learn who guests are sending flowers to, what's in their bag and more!

About the Host 

Liz also known as Bizzy has spent 7+ years leading marketing and creative at top cannabis media and accessory brands. Weed has helped manage symptoms from a chronic condition called endometriosis. She began sharing her story to help others navigate the confusing worlds. Liz has been published in BuzzFeed and SELF, has had tens of thousands of people tune into her podcast Send Us Flowers and consults out of her canna-friendly studio space in West Hollywood.