Hello Again Review and My First Suppository Experience

Hello Again Review and My First Suppository Experience

Have you tried a vaginal suppository?

Would you try one?

I know - intimate questions! I've heard they can bring great relief to people suffering bad period cramps. Naturally, I had to personally give them a try.  

I have been wary of them for a while. I didn't fully understand how suppositories worked. I'm also particularly sensitive and have totally abandoned even using tampons. When I was asked to take a look at Hello Again, I wasn't entirely on-board at first. I already had a bad experience with a previous suppository brand before I even got to try the product. It left a sour taste in my mouth and I was hesitant to go down that road again. I didn't want my story and my battle with endometriosis to just be used for a marketing campaign.  

I did some research on the founders and loved their story. I also admired the care they took in reaching out and making sure this would be a good product for me!

After careful consideration, I was ready for Hello Again to pop my suppository cherry. 

Hello Again is targeted toward women going through menopause and claims to assist with helping boost your mood and energy while also helping regulate hot flashes and addressing vaginal dryness. The suppositories are made of natural botanicals, CBD and THC. I don't usually use THC and CBD items with other botanicals but I was intrigued by Hello Again's formula. They seem keen on the entourage effect and the belief that CBD, THC, and specific plant terpenes and components work best together. 

As I was getting my period and beginning to experience cramping, it was the perfect moment to give it a try. I unwrapped the daytime suppository and shoved it up there! Like - way up there. 

After a full-day experience, I was able to manage my symptoms better with Hello Again. I still experienced some extremely mild cramping but nothing is totally a cure! Remember, it's all about management. Pain from endometriosis can be different than period cramps and feels much sharper. But I did feel some relief from that which is usually impossible. It absolutely helped with inflammation and soften the blow of cramping. 

You can see my first day below on my YouTube channel or visit my Instagram TV for more! 


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