HOW TO! Make Infused Butter in Ardent Nova FX

HOW TO! Make Infused Butter in Ardent Nova FX

Today, I’m going to be infusing butter with my Ardent Nova FX.

I’ve now infused tinctures, butter, I even made my birthday cake in the Ardent. 

Infused butter is a great and versatile way to manage my pain symptoms from Endometriosis throughout the day. It has really been helping me! 

ardent nova fx birthday cake

First off, you'll need some supplies! 

1. Cheesecloth 

2. Strainer 

3. Butter 

4. CBD and/or THC 

5. Paper towels 

6. Gloves 

7. Plate 

8. Mason Jar or storage container 

9. Ardent Nova FX 

Preparing Your Product 

In this batch, I used about 3.5 grams of CBD and 7 grams of THC that I put to two cups of butter. You can grind it if you want but you don’t have before putting your product in the Nova FX. 

I ground a little bit and honestly didn’t feel like grinding anymore. Ha. 

I did pick off bigger stems! I personally feel like when you grind weed, it aggravates the crystals and terpenes, taking away from the full experience. 

But maybe that’s just me! So I always try and put in as much whole bud as I can. 

Starting the Decarboxylation Process

After you put the flower in the Nova FX, put the top on and secure it tightly. The button should be green. We’re then going to use the M to put it on the mode that we want it.

You have four options: A1, A2, Bake and Infuse

For this batch, we want it at A1 for THC. A2 is for CBD and you can run this for 1-2 cycles depending on what you want out of your product. 

Once you select your desired setting, hold down the power button until it’s red!

And there you go! You're decarbing your flower! 

Why is Decarbing Important?

You’re activating the product so that it can be infused in a tincture or butter. When you smoke for example, you're adding heat to achieve the results you want. You can't just eat a nug and experience the effects of THC. It must be activated first! 

Science is too cool - right?! Like why wasn't this what I was learning in school?! Probably would have paid way more attention haha. 

Cool Down Process

Once the button starts blinking red, that means the product is cooling down. We want to wait until the button is green to open the lid! It’s important to wait until the product is completely cooled down before adding the butter. 

Infusing Process 

Once the light is green and finished blinking, that means the decarb process is done! It's time to put in the butter. 

I put whole sticks in but feel free to chop it up to fit better. You don't want it to be squished or tight. 

Ardent did a study to see if you can just put the butter directly in with the flower and if it will decarb properly like that. Their study found you don’t want to do this because it will not fully activate your product. 

Even though it takes more time to run multiple cycles, you'll get better results from decarboxylating your flower separately first!   

Once the butter is in, secure the lid firmly and use the M to set it to infuse. Then, we're going to push the power button down until it turns red. Now you wait! 

Straining the Butter 

Once the button is green, it's ready to pour! And it's going to smell incredible! The Ardent Nova FX is really great at concealing the smell, but does have a faint odor. I usually light a candle, incense or open a window and it's good to go. 

By my calculations this should be about 700 milligrams in this entire jar but. That’s only based off the assumption that it’s about 10% THC. I'm not entirely sure the percentage of the CBD I used, but it's most likely 10%-18% of CBD.

I use this calculator for figuring out the dosing and percentages to the best of my ability! 

I use a cheesecloth and strainer separately to pour into my mason jar. I put a plate and paper towel underneath just in case. I wear gloves because I hate being sticky! I don’t know about you guys but I’m also that person who if I get my sleeve wet, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Oh my god. 

Once it's all poured into the mason jar, you're ready to go! I like saving the remnants to use as garnish personally but totally up to you! 

Now - I wanna hear your recipes in the comments.

What are you making? What would you infuse? Give me some dope recipes because I’m read to get cookin’! 

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