Best Shows to Watch When High with Leading Ladies!

Best Shows to Watch When High with Leading Ladies!

Top Female Leads & Her Canna Co-Stars

Times are weird, man! Let’s be real - you’re binge watching a sh*t ton of content right now. Why not pair your top female-led shows with your favorite strains?

The future AND plant are female, after all. Given I’m a total expert, I have the perfect female lead shows for you to watch so you can still feel empowered from your couch. I paired them with my favorite ways to consume! Here’s my ultimate Netflix and Chill guide.

With an emphasis on the chill.

These the are the best shows for when you're high. 


The Royals (Amazon Prime)

If you’re like me and constantly chasing the high of Gossip Girl, The Royals is a binge-worthy watch. The Royals is a modern and fictional take on Britain’s most glamorous family. Watch as this devious household works to keep their internal and external hierarchy. If Elizabeth Hurley’s early 2000’s bandage dresses don’t do it for you, Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus surely will. His wild antics make him lovable despite his other evil behaviors. Trust me, you won’t regret watching this royal family navigate treacherous waters. You’ll want a giggly, light effect from your product for this overly dramatic watch. I highly recommend one of Wyld Edibles’ CBD blends in Pomegranate or Peach for your viewing pleasure. They will give you an uplifting and bubbly feeling without being too couch-locked.

Vanity Fair (Amazon Prime) 

Another British show that I adore! Its single season makes for a quick yet meaty watch. Nothing like rooting for a clever underdog! Becky Sharp isn’t the richest woman but makes up for her empty wallet with her street smarts. School girls during the Napoleonic Wars learn what it takes to make it as society women and what it takes to ultimately stay on top. The show’s fast-pace and feel-good ending will leave you feeling warm and uplifted. Especially if you pair your viewing with Care By Design’s 1:1 tincture! Take one to two droppers before you start and you’ll feel yourself ease into warmth and coziness through all of Becky’s adventures.

Gossip Girl (Netflix)

I love Gossip Girl. Period. I have rewatched this series an embarrassing amount of times. I’m totally a Blair and to this day look for an excuse to wear an overly embellished headband. Gossip Girl has drama, unrequited love and absolutely amazing fashion. Not to mention I can revisit my original high school playlists through their incredible series soundtrack. Winning all around! For this decadently delicious show, you’ll want something that leaves you bubbly and ready for ALL the tea to be spilled. Yummi Karma Dessert Drops are a tasty and fun match to this classic series.

yummi karma tincture

Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

Get your glass and flower ready because you’ll be smoking like Frankie while watching this wholesome pick! I started watching with my mom and it’s the perfect bonding show if you’re isolated with a roommate or family member. You can even see who’s the Grace and Frankie of your group! Maybe they’ll even want to smoke along with you - it’s a pandemic, you never know! Bubbling bong sounds might as well be a required part of your viewing experience! To smoke along like our earthy friend, I recommend a heavy, kief-covered strain from 3C Farms and a massive Daily High Club bong to match.

Dynasty (Netflix) 

The Carringtons make modern money and murder look so good! Between Fallon constantly fighting for her father’s approval, her brother’s pervasive drug battle, and musical chairs mommy, there is no shortage of entertainment. While the show is honestly pretty goofy, it’s an easy watch that you don’t fully need to be mentally there for. Perfect for drowning out the day’s latest depressing-ass news. It’s a series you can nap to, browse through your phone or be on your laptop during. It’s just not that serious. So grab a fun and uplifting edible - you’ll need it for this family’s antics. I recommend KIVA Camino Sparkling Pear to achieve a light and buildable effect as you delve into the Carrington’s world.

sparkling pear camino gummies

Dickinson (Apple TV)

I know, I know - who even has Apple TV?! Turns out, my roommate does. That’s how I got to binge this epic take on Emily Dickinson’s formative years. I mean, Wiz Khalifa plays Death! How could you NOT consume during this hilarious period drama-comedy? If you’re the moody and misunderstood brooding-type, you’ll want to pair this series with a hemp-wrapped blunt and a relaxing strain that will keep you mellow through Emily’s trials and tribulations. I recommend a classic OG strain to go with this young author-based series.

Handmaids Tale (Hulu)

The Handmaids Tale is starting to look way closer to reality than I’m comfortable with! Luckily, it’s just a show - for now. While following June’s epic adventures in the world of Gilead, you’re going to want to keep your anxiety at bay. A CBD-only blend will give you a cozy feeling when you’re at the edge of your seat. You won’t experience psychoactive effects so you can follow easily along. Buddha Beans has incredible hemp-derived CBD Chocolate Caramels with Burundi Coffee shavings that have become a total comfort food for me. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

buddha beans coffee

Shrill (Hulu) 

Watch as Annie finds her voice and self-confidence in this empowering comedy starring SNL’s Aidy Bryant. Annie is a quirky gal who is done with being treated as less than because of her weight. While she takes the reins on life, you can sit back, relax, and laugh with this lovable lead as she learns what life really has to offer. You’ll want a fun, uplifting pick that’s also natural. Professor Snook’s Harlequin 2:1 tincture uses the WHOLE plant and nothing but the plant and that’s on God.

professor snooks tincture


Honestly, Selina Meyer could have used some CBD - ASAP! Even though she’s usually surrounded by total incompetence, Selina knows how to get the job done and make us laugh along the way. I imagine she would totally have the COVID-19 situation handled if she were still in charge. While watching this hilarious series, enjoy some CBD flower from Fenix! You’ll be able to relax without the high and closely follow Selina’s sneaky maneuvers, You’ll need to pay your full attention to VEEP to know what’s going on!

fenix cbd

30 Rock (Hulu)

The name “Liz Lemon” is synonymous with “get shit done.” 30 Rock is an absolute classic comedic series with quite possibly one of the best casts on television. Liz Lemon leads this quirky pack with her witty sarcasm, clever puns, and unconventional yet motivational work tactics. For every go-getter out there, Ardent is here to help. With Ardent’s Nova FX, you can DIY your own edibles because every Liz Lemon knows if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself!

ardent nova fx canna butter


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