Ovira Review: Drug-Free Pain Management TENS Unit

Ovira Review: Drug-Free Pain Management TENS Unit

Unsolicited medical advice is almost never welcome.

But when a friend on Instagram told me about Ovira, I had to try it out. 

I am always looking for pain management tools to assist with my symptoms from endometriosis. Especially ones that are drug-free! I have take a lot of Advil over time and it's something I'm constantly trying to rely less on. 

I am constantly dealing with horrible menstrual cramps as well as flare ups when I'm not on my period. 

This seemed right up my alley.

I had used a TENS unit before when I was seeing a chiropractor but never thought to use it for my sharp period cramps and soreness. Traditional units like the one I was used to seeing are bulkier and more complex to operate.

I couldn't believe there was a more attainable and portable option!  

Ovira Review Tens Unit

Ovira Assembling and Application

As soon as I received the unit, I assembled the various pieces together. The kit includes: 

1. Portable TENS unit with clip

2. Gel pads 

3. Y cable 

4. Storage disk 

5. Storage pouch

6. Charger 

7. User guide 

Ovira Review Tens Unit Endometriosis

I plugged in both pads first, next the unit and then I carefully removed the film. To help keep the gel undamaged, don't touch it directly. Hold the part where the cord plugs into the pads to be safe! 

Ovira Review Endometriosis Pads

Gently put the pads on either side of your lower abdomen.

Make sure they are fully secured! 

Next, hold the power button down until the light turns white. Use the up and down arrows to control the level of pulses. Use the clip to put the unit on your waistband and you're good to go! 

Ovira Review Tens Unit Endometriosis


Storage & charging your Ovira 

When you're done using the unit, turn it off with the power button and carefully remove the pads holding the area where it's plugged in. I try to avoid touching the gel pads as much as possible!

Use the plastic film or storage disk for the pads. This will help make them last longer! Unplug the Y cord from the unit and pads. Then, I charge the unit with the included USB and store everything else in its box to keep everything organized and from being damaged.

 Ovira Review Endometriosis Y Cord

What is a TENS unit? 

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and has been frequently used to target pain and discomfort. It's especially used by chiropractors and physical therapists. 

It works by sending electric pulses through the gel adhesives which flood the nervous system and stimulate natural endorphins to halt pain signals from going to your brain. Isn't that incredible? (Source: Medical News Today

Ovira Review Tens Unit Endometriosis

How long does relief last?

Due to the severity of my pain, I notice that it only relieves me of discomfort while the unit is active and for a short period after. Cramping does return when I'm not using the unit. 

Some people have reported longer lasting effects so it varies by user experience. 

Are there side effects? 

I personally have not experienced any side effects myself! Because of the nature of this product, there seem to be few downsides to its use. 

The tingling pulses can be abrasive and uncomfortable to some people. If you are sensitive to the sensation, it might be best at a lower setting.

Also, make sure you are not allergic to anything in the gel adhesive pad! Opt for hypoallergenic to avoid any skin irritation. 

Read the full instructions of where not to use your TENS unit. Especially do not use in areas over your eyes or front of your neck. 

If you're pregnant, have seizures or heart concerns, avoid using this product or consult your doctor to see if this is a safe alternative for you. 

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