Top Ways to Use Cannabis Without the Smoke

Top Ways to Use Cannabis Without the Smoke


The holidays have officially come to an end. If you’re like me, all the fun and travel ultimately led to lack of sleep, total upheaval of your routine, dehydration and elevated stress levels. Enter the inevitable cold. YAY! We love being sick when trying to conquer the world! In an effort to give my body some TLC, I’ve temporarily parted ways with my favorite combustibles. Instead, I’ll be opting for these non-smokeable options to let my respiratory system recover. 


Edibles are a classic solution to a smokeless dose. I enjoy edibles while I’m sick because they help me fall asleep, stimulate my appetite and reduce my nausea from medications.

Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel their full effects. Absorption of edibles begins in the digestive tract which then enters the bloodstream and travels to the liver. The active THC ingredients are then metabolized in the liver before releasing back into the bloodstream and entering the brain. Only after this process occurs, can you feel the effects of an edible. Edibles can be unpredictable, so be careful with their dosing.  

Gummy edibles are my go-to! They are lower in calories and sugar compared to brownies, chocolates and other medicated treats. I’ve also found them easier to dose with, especially with new “micro-dose” products in the California market. I can find edibles that are 3.5 mg, 4.5 mg, 5 mg among other variations. The ones I find most effective are THC:CBD ratios for an entourage effect and heavy indica formulas. 


WYLD Marionberry and Peach

PLUS Products Blackberry Lemon and Concord grape

KIVA Camino Sparkling Pear and Wild Berry

wyld gummies


If you like the effects of edibles but want a more discreet way to dose, soft gels are a great solution. Cannabis oil soft gels have a slower onset but lasts longer. Its lingering effects especially help me stay asleep. Their dosing is typically more accurate from my personal experience and there is no odor. Traditional edibles can still be pungent!

Make sure you watch your intake here! 10-20 mg of high potency distillate can be intense, even for seasoned cannabis experts.

Soft gels work like edibles and must be digested to feel their effects. I particularly prefer them as I’m recovering. I can dose discreetly on-the-go to meetings, work and see friends with no smell, no mess, no smoke and no judgment.


AbsoluteXtracts ABX 10 mg Soft Gels

Care by Design 1:1 soft gels 

ABX soft gels


I love cannabis tinctures while I’m sick because they are discreet, don’t have a strong odor, are faster-acting than edibles and low on calories. You can also dose easily with a dropper - but be careful of germs and touching a used dropper back in! Not that I have EVER made this mistake before …

Since most tinctures are water soluble, you can turn your favorite tea into a more uplifting blend. But keep in mind, you will not sublingually absorb the tincture! Since you’re drinking it, the cannabis oil must digest.

Tinctures are my go-to because of their fast-acting relief when absorbed sublingually. It enters your bloodstream quicker, giving it a competitive edge over an edible. They can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to set in. I notice a tincture after about 15-20 minutes and feel its full effects about an hour to two hours in. This depends on the tincture and amount taken. 

Please note! There seems to be some controversy over whether or not you can actually receive the full effects of THC through sublingual administration. But there’s been several studies that show you can.  


Care by Design 1:1 

Papa and Barkley 30:1 

tincture care by design


Tabs are amazing for when you’re sick because they are fast-acting, absorb sublingually and are amazingly discreet. No odor! It’s like a tincture and soft gel in one. When I first tried a tab, I was extremely skeptical but I ultimately found this dosing method to be one of my favorites. 

The effects and dosing are consistent, onset is quick and you can avoid the smoke and smell. These are the most discreet and fastest method of consumption. Just make sure you follow the instructions and let the tab melt fully under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.   

Current tab favorites 

OLO Cannabis Chill Strips

Kin Slips Float On

float on kin slips


Looking to relax in a warm bubble bath … with a little extra assistance? Medicated bath bombs are the answer! When your sick, it’s important to loosen up all that gunk! Bath bombs are often infused with essential oils like peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus. The steam from the bath plus the added benefits can help you breath a little easier. 

According to a few sources, THC from a topical will not enter the bloodstream and instead enters through your dermis, but is not strong enough to break the barrier. Ultimately, this means it will not enter your bloodstream to reach your brain. You won’t experience psychoactive effects or a “high” from a medicated bath bomb alone. 

From my personal experience, if you choose a heavy bath bomb at 250 mg or higher, you will feel more relaxed after soaking for about 45 minutes to an hour.

There are always exceptions to the rule. Especially if you’re a woman, there are certain areas of our bodies that are extremely absorbent. Until there is more research on topicals and bath bombs, please be wary if you get drug tested for work. 

I don’t currently have any bath bomb favorites to recommend and would love to hear some suggestions in the comments for ones to try! The one pictured below was so soothing BUT it turned my bath tub and ME completely BLUE. I was a total smurf after soaking in this and had to scrub myself and the bathtub down for hours - so we’ll leave this brand unnamed.

cbd bath bomb


Creams, balms, rubs and salves are great for opening up your sinuses. I love rubbing a THC salve on my chest when I’m feeling congested and tight. It’s like VICKS but better. It helps relieve the soreness and assists me in breathing a bit easier without all the wheezing. 

Salves are great for when your sick because you can experience relaxation and relief without an intense high. When I’m sick, I often experience brain fog and don’t need any extra psychoactive effects. This is especially true when I’m taking medications that already make me drowsy. 

Make sure you read all the ingredients and how much THC is in the formula. I tend to stay away from low-dose, high-menthol formulas because I personally do not like an intense cooling effect. I personally look for salves with spearmint over peppermint because peppermint contains more menthol. This is entirely personal preference! 


Care by Design 1:1 pain cream 

Papa and Barkley Hemp Infused Balm 180 mg CBD

papa and barkley hemp


Other smokeless items include:

  1. Sprays

  2. Suppositories

  3. Patches

I have heard mixed feelings toward each, but wanted to share the options with you in case you’d like to do your own research! 


This information is for patients and consumers in legal states that are over the ages of 18/21. This is not medical advice from a doctor. These anecdotes are from my own personal experience. Please speak with your doctor about cannabis and CBD as they may react with your current medications.

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